DL- Design Lab Equipments

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Whirling speed of the shaft with two standard shafts with 4,5,6 or 8mm rod (approx 6 feet long). – Demonstration
Whirling speed of the shaft with two standard shafts

To determine critical speed of whirling speed of a rotating shaft and to verity the value theoretically. Consisting of pulley shaft etc.

Journal bearing test rig
Journal bearing test rig

To study the Pressure Distribution in Journal Bearing in circumferential and axial direction of the Shaft-Bush combination in the presence of lubricating oil. Variation of Pressure Distribution at different Loads on the shaft. Variation of Pressure Distribution and Frictional Force.

Consisting of shaft, bush, digital RPM indicator, piezometers, drive.

Determination of natural frequency, logarithmic decrement, damping ratio and damping coefficient in a single degree of freedom vibrating systems (longitudinal and Torsional).
Determination of natural frequency, logarithmic decrement, damping ratio

To study the free undamped vibrations of two-rotor shaft system and to determine the natural frequency of vibration, theoretically and experimentally.

Balancing of rotating masses (Force/Couple polygon to be drawn and the results to be incorporated practically and balance the system).
Balancing of rotating masses

Balancing of rotating masses Consists of 4 fly wheel, 2 are fixed balanced and other two are to be balanced in a common axis. A motor is connected to the axis.

Photoelastic apparatus
Photoelastic apparatus

Consisting of Polarizer/Analyzer set, quarter wave plate, aluminum disc, sodium vapour lamp and plain light with controller, MS frame, fringe holders, shackles

Determination of equilibrium speed, sensitiveness, power and effort of porter/prowel/hartnell governor.
Governer Apparatus

To determine the characteristics curves of sleeve position against speed of rotation in case of, Hartnell governor, Porter governor, Proell governor, Watt governor.

Determination of principal stress and strains in a member subjected to combined loading using Strain rosettes.
Strain Rosette

Consisting of Digital strain indicator, toggle main switch, potentiometer, Beam MS, strain gauge.

Experiments on Gyroscope (Demonstration only)
Experiments on Gyroscope (Demonstration only)

To determine the gyroscopic couple and compare it with the actual applied couple Motorized gyroscope.

Curved beam apparatus

To find stresses using strain gauge

Cam jump apparatus
Cam jump apparatus

To calibrate and determine the co-efficient of discharge of weirs of different shapes for different flow rates. Consisting of Broad crest, sharp crest and ogee weirs, transparent acrylic Piezometer, 1 hp pump, sump tank, delivery tank and notch tank, hook gauge and controlling valves.